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The Best New York Pharmacy for You

How will you want to monitor your health and progress to ensure the safe and effective use of your medication?

According to Dr. Tannenbaum, a professor of medicine and pharmacy at the University of Montreal: Older adults are taking a lot of pills these days — 66 percent take five drugs or more per day, and 27 percent take 10 or more drugs per day. So, if some of those pills are no longer relevant, and may cause unnecessary harm, why not ask if you can stop the prescription?

Our NYC pharmacy will accompany you through your recovery process. We will track your progress and make sure you continue taking your prescriptions if you need to continue your recovery process or stop your prescription when you no longer need the drugs.

Pharmacists face a lot on a daily. They will have to fill prescriptions, give flu shots, answer phone calls, tend the drive-through, work the register, call doctors and insurance companies, counsel the patients just to name a few. It is chaotic and makes it likely to make mistakes.

We have a team of qualified and diligent pharmacists who will put you first every time. We don’t overburden our pharmacists to meet corporate performance metrics, we highly motivate them to ensure the best performance, so they carry out their duties diligently and meticulously. You won’t need to worry about errors because of the volume of work.

Our pharmacists will attend to all your needs, from the moment you order a drug from us till the moment you fully recover.

We work with qualified pharmacists with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Get all your prescriptions filled, flu shots, and patient counseling in Bronx’s best pharmacy.

We can also deliver your prescriptions right at your doorsteps.

Contact our NYC pharmacy for the best prescription deals.

As a specialty pharmacy with a strong presence in The Bronx area, MediServ Pharmacy offers a wide array of services to our patients and providers.

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