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Our Bronx Pharmacy Provides Vaccination with Safety & Care

At our Bronx Pharmacy, you will find experienced pharmacists that have received a comprehensive education required to meet state licensing requirements. Bronx Pharmacy is the leading medical suppliers in NYC and also provide a wide range of medical equipment and surgical supplies. Among many important services, we provide vaccination programs for immunization.

Our specially trained certified immunizers treat our customers with extreme care and warmth and cater to all their concerns regarding immunization. They know the importance of personalized care and administer vaccines in a private, professional setting. We take utmost care of the hygiene during vaccination and provide complete information to all our customers.

Immunization Information

Immunization plays a vital role when it comes to disease prevention. It is extremely important to get vaccinated for protecting yourself and those around you. Our trained experts are there to help you and your loved ones stay up-to-date on the recommended vaccines. As the best pharmacy in the Bronx, we offer a wide range of immunizations for several diseases including:

  • Flu
  • Pneumococcal
  • Measles /Rubella/ Mumps
  • Shingles
  • Hepatitis B or Hepatitis A/B
  • Tdap or TD
  • HPV
  • Meningococcal
  • Any recommended vaccinations for traveling outside of the United States

How Does Vaccination Protect Our Body?

When a vaccine is administered, our body gets exposed to fragments of a microbe (bacteria or virus), or a weakened microbe, or something that resembles the microbe. As soon as the active substances in the vaccine interact with the body’s immune system, our body produces immune cells and antibodies to protect us. The next time we encounter the “real” microbe, our immune system immediately recognizes it and provides a faster and better immune response that can prevent the disease. It is also referred to as artificially acquired active immunity.

An effective vaccine provides adequate and prolonged protection against the disease. The number of required doses may vary from vaccine to vaccine. In the case of some vaccines, a booster dose is administered later in life to maintain protection against the disease. These include vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.

Who Should Be Vaccinated?

It is important that everyone is vaccinated against the diseases as per the guidelines of the healthcare authorities. People with any serious medical condition like a weak immune system may be excluded. However, it is advisable to consult with your GP first while deciding against immunization. Your doctor recommends vaccinations based on your HALO – health condition, age, lifestyle, and occupation.

Studies have shown that if 95% of the population in an area is vaccinated, it significantly reduces the spread of disease and helps protect everyone. Vaccination is particularly recommended for:

  • Newborns or young children
  • Those who have a newborn baby
  • Pregnant women or those planning to have a baby
  • Those who are caring for newborns (including parents, grandparents, and caregivers)
  • People who are vulnerable to certain diseases because of old age
  • People who are planning to travel outside the United States (as per the local guidelines)
  • Those at risk due to certain medical conditions (such as asthma)

Our experienced specialists are capable of administering these immunizations. If you have any such requirements, you can let us know and we will provide you the right expert.

We are also the best compounding pharmacy in NY and create individualized prescriptions tailored to the needs of our customers. To know more, visit our pharmacy or speak to a staff member.

As a specialty pharmacy with a strong presence in The Bronx area, MediServ Pharmacy offers a wide array of services to our patients and providers.

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