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Pharmacy Manager; The Bronx, NY; Full Times; Days

Job Description: Pharmacy Manager
Location: The Bronx, NY

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Manage daily operation of the pharmacy for medication therapy management serving chronically and acutely ill patients.
  2. Gather and maintain the necessary technology required to be compatible with ordering/receiving/administering electronic systems and surgical supplies that chronic and acutely ill patients use.
  3. Ensure chronic treatment patients comply with all state and federal regulations for safe and appropriate use of medication including medication receipt, storage, and disposal.
  4. Monitors the chronic and acutely ill patients’ documentation on pharmacy care plans for their patients based on evaluation of monitoring data and other pertinent patient-specific information.
  5. Oversee the selection and development of pharmacy staff. Involved in the hiring, training, counseling, advising, and evaluating the performance of staff. Maintain and promotes positive employee relations in the work environment.
  6. Oversee product purchasing, inventory, budget, and equipment management.
  7. Review and resubstantiation rejection claims and billing procedures. Involved in marketing strategies, development of pharmacy operations, and business plans.
  8. Maintain up-to-date information on pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical technology, computer, and business management. Manage pharmaceutical manufacturer relationships and negotiations on rebates and contracts.
  9. Analyze financial data regarding prescribing patterns of providers, track and follow up with insurance company reimbursements and the cost of drug dispensed. Budgeting and expense control to plan, implement, and maximize expenditure of funds while maintaining quality standards.
  10. Review pharmacy inventory to ensure inventory is within the established inventory limits and attain inventory goals. Participate in assessing, managing, and reporting pharmacy operational and financial data.
  11. Ensure pharmacy procedures are compliant with Medicaid, Medicare, State, Federal, and other regulatory bodies. Meet with vendors and drug manufacturers on a monthly basis to negotiate rebates and evaluate the profitability of the pharmacy. Represent the pharmacy at healthcare professional meetings, doctor offices, and Pharmaceutical trade shows.


PharmD degree or foreign academic equivalent plus 6 months experience as a pharmacist.


6 months experience as a pharmacist/pharmacy manager (will accept pharmacist intern experience).

Send CV to: Send CVs to JADZ Inc. dba Mediserve Pharmacy 2611 Webster Ave, Bronx, NY 10458, Attn: HR

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