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HRT Compound New York

At Mediserv Pharmacy, we sell custom-made creams, tablets, and lozenges that you cannot get in other pharmacies. Our formulations help to restore your hormone levels and eliminate the devastating symptoms. For women in their menopause, replacement of hormones ensures better life.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

The BHRT option uses a combination of plant-based hormones rather than synthetic. They are quite effective in relieving menopause symptoms. The BHRT closely matches the composition of your hormones and allows for better control. Our experts ensure the compounding of different elements to handle your needs better.

If you are in your menopause period, your hormones tend to decrease. With low hormone levels, you will have a problem enjoying sex due to vaginal dryness. You will also experience symptoms such as lack of energy, night sweats, mood swings, and hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy is the best option to ensure you don’t struggle with uncomfortable symptoms.

Special Compounding Pharmacy & Bronx Pharmacy Store

Our compounding hormones provide you with a customized experience. We compound different hormones into one dosage that helps replace your hormones. With the right mix of hormones, you can solve sleep issues, mood changes, and hot flashes.

If you are allergic to certain elements in medicine, we help eliminate them through our compounding services. We also add different flavors to make the consumption of the drug tolerable.

In our Bronx pharmacy store, you can find various compounding products tailored to your needs. Our team observes strict guidelines to ensure all products are safe for consumption. We don’t want you to take non-essential compounds or any allergic elements in the medicine.

Our compounding services also help to minimize your cost obligation. You will only receive valuable ingredients that are 100% effective. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on non-essential compounds.

High-Quality HRT Compounding New York

When it comes to the compounding of HRT medications our services are unrivaled. Our new compositions help to solve any of your medication needs. We can allow you to acquire a prescription with a distinctive blending of ingredients.

MediServ has been offering compounding services for many years. We strive to evolve our technology and practices daily to ensure quality products. If you need refills for your medicine, you don’t have to visit our brick-and-mortar store; you can request your refill online.

Our medications are specially designed for you. We proactively review your requirements and develop a mix of HRT compounds that can solve your problem. Our experts don’t make assumptions; we use our knowledge to tailor solutions for you. You can walk into our pharmacy and get a professional answer.

Consult our Certified Pharmacists

Low hormones can diminish the quality of your life. Most people avoid requesting help when they face low sex libido, hot flashes, or vagina dryness. But don’t let those problems interfere with your life; we are here to offer the best solution. Our pharmacists are certified and are always ready to answer your questions. Ensure you face any health problem with confidence. Contact us and book a free consultation with our pharmacists.


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