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Superior Pet Treats Bronx New York

Mediserv Pharmacy is a leading company that focuses on enhancing the lives of pets by offering safe medications. Our professionals provide world-class care for your pets in the Bronx, NY, through our custom compounding pharmacy services. We believe each pet deserves exceptional care, and we are committed to that. If you are looking for custom pet medication, rely on us for the best products.

Pet Compounding Pharmacy New York

We specialize in the creation of custom medication for your pets. Our experts can formulate the correct dosage depending on your pet’s weight. With compounding pharmacy services, you can acquire medicine forms for easy administration. We even create a flavor that your pet loves in the medicine.

Our licensed pharmacists are qualified to mix various ingredients and obtain the correct medicine formulation. We ensure all the drugs are palatable to your pets. With our pet medications, you can be assured of your pet’s health.

Many compounds in commercial drugs are toxic for your animals. Our compounding pharmacy helps to bridge the gap and customize your pet’s medicine. We carefully consider your pet’s age, underlying condition, habits, and needs. You can obtain ointments and chewable treats to ensure your pet gets the right medication therapy.

What you Benefit from our Pet Compounding Services

  • Formulation of the correct dosage for your pet: we check your pet’s weight and age to avoid drug toxicity problems.
  • Forms that are easy to administer, such as liquids or treats
  • Access to unavailable medications in the market: if your pet requires a drug that disappeared in the market, our pharmacists can identify the grade chemicals needed to provide the individual dosage.
  • Removal of all unsafe ingredients in a drug
  • Better compliance for your pet

Dog Treats & Bronx Pharmacy Store

You can give the dog treats to ensure they are happy. Your dog can also use them to learn new behaviors and tricks. For instance, you can sneak a pill into the snack to assist digestion or clean your dog’s teeth. Introduce these snacks for your dogs and ensure they thrive at all times.

With our compounding services, you can add your pet’s medicine to their treats. Your dog will not have problems consuming the dig treats, making it the most efficient way to administer medication.

Friendly and Professional Services

With our compounding services, you can be 100% sure that the medications your dog takes are allergy-free and safe for your furry animals. Problems such as overdose or underdose are eliminated, providing your pet is always thriving. Please discuss your medication needs for the furry animal; we are more than willing to assist. The drugs we supply can be blended with pet food in Bronx, NY, for easier consumption.

Contact Mediserv Pharmacy for Premium Products

You can find high-quality compounding medication at our pharmacy store. We are a one-stop shop for all your pet medication needs. Our experience will help you select pet products that best suit your furry animals. Our service customization and friendly customer service ensure you get top-rated services. Contact us for more information.


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