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Vaccine Immunizations

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Proven Reason Why a Bronx Pharmacy Vaccine Will Benefit You

When you get vaccinated, you will protect yourself and those around you.

Vaccination is a proven and effective way to save lives. Now more than ever, we need to take advantage of flu vaccinations. It will train your immune system to create antibodies, just as it does when it’s exposed to the disease.

To take a Bronx pharmacy flu vaccine now is to protect yourself and your community. When a person is vaccinated against a disease, their risk of infection is reduced, so they are less likely to transmit the bacteria or virus to another. As more people in the community get vaccinated, it reduces the number of vulnerable people in the community, making it difficult for one person to pass the pathogen to another person.

According to the WHO, vaccines save between 2 and 3 million lives every year. Without vaccines, you are at risk of serious illness and disability from diseases like tetanus, polio, pneumonia, measles, and meningitis. These are life-threatening diseases.

Not everyone is privileged to take vaccines, so for everyone eligible to get vaccinated, you must visit a Bronx pharmacy for vaccination. It is will benefit you, and it is your duty.

Those who should avoid getting vaccinated include:

  • Those who have a severe illness of a high fever on the day of vaccination.
  • Individuals undergoing serious treatments like chemotherapy that affect the immune system.
  • People with severe or life-threatening allergies to vaccinations.

It has never been as important as it is today to protect yourself from diseases. We offer a variety of flu vaccinations in the Bronx that will protect you and your entire community.

You can count on us whenever you need a Bronx pharmacy vaccine. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the exact vaccine you need.

We only provide you with vaccines tested and proven to be safe. You will get vaccinations that are safe and with minimal, and temporary side effects such as a sore arm or mild fever.

Take time out of your busy schedule, get a vaccine to protect yourself.

Schedule vaccination now at our Bronx pharmacy

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